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As you spend time bonding with your baby, Rite Aid will be here to support you along the way with innovative solutions for you and your baby.

Rite Aid's oral care range cater to kids and adults of all ages to make taking care of teeth easy and accessible with only the best quality products.

Rite Aid's variety of personal care products helps families from all over Australia with quality solutions for their everyday hygiene and grooming needs.

Baby Nail Trimmer

Rite Aid has launched a new innovative baby product to help mums and dads trim their baby's nails safely without the fuss and without the fear of cutting the skin or cutting too deep.

Superior Quality

Our Rite Aid products have won numerous awards over the years and this is because we make sure that our customers are provided with the best user experience when it comes to products that we offer.

I would like to congratulate Rite Aid on [their] fantastic nursing pads. [These] are the best on the market. [They] have thought of everything related to comfort and practicality: soft, absorbent, great packaging (easy to open, protected whilst in handbag), [and] well-priced. Nice to see some genuine care and ongoing improvements.

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