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Introducing the Rite Aid® Nasal Aspirator - gently and hygienically removes nasal secretions from baby’s nose. Includes 2 silicone tips that suits various mucus levels or depths & equipped with a high-capacity anti-backflow (ABF) chamber which prevents extracted nasal secretions from seeping out of the device, providing a hygienic and worry-free process.

Nasal Aspirator

    • Clears Mucus Buildups: Effectively relieves mucus congestion from your baby’s nose with gently-powered suction
    • Baby-safe: Equipped with a press & hold function which allows you to control the product
    • Dual Mode: Adjustable suction with dual power levels which suits sensitive nose
    • Melody Function: Equipped with melody which calms baby
    • Backflow Prevention Function: Traps mucus inside the chamber preventing it from seeping out ensuring good hygiene
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