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Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs


P. Wever, Mosman Park, WA
I could not have gotten through those crucial early weeks of breast-feeding without the Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs. They definitely saved me. Had it not been for them, my feeding experience would have been a disaster and could have been the end of breast-feeding completely.

F. Khatib, Cherrybrook, NSW
My mother bought me home a box of your hydrogel breast discs to see if it might help with the pain from my mastitis, and the relief was incredible, especially when I refrigerated them during feeds as the instructions suggest. I want to thank you for this product because it is a mission to breastfeed and the discs have been great in helping me continue to breastfeed my baby.

F. Alexandra, IBCLC – Lactation Consultant, Mater Mothers Hospital, QLD
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say many thanks for the prompt delivery of the sample (Hydrogel discs) you sent. We received them today which was great. They are still going strong here and we are recommending strongly that women purchase them for any nipple damage and even to relieve discomfort. Much prefer this option to the Lansinoh cream that almost every woman brings into hospital. We have seen some truly incredible results on badly damaged nipples in a really short amount of time. I think the big bonus part from the effectiveness is how readily available they are and also sold a realistic price bracket that most people can easily afford...
You are getting lots of positive feedback from the women who have used your product so well done!

P. Melanie, NSW
I would like to thank you for your amazing product the Hydrogel Breast Discs. They work immediately on application, I have recommended these to everyone I know...I think it may stop a lot of people stopping breast feeding as quickly as some do.Thanks again!

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 Rite Aid Nursing Pads



M. Melissa, VIC
I've been a user of your nursing pads on and off for 4 years. I've always found your product to be of the highest quality & standard. I even switched to the generic brand to save a dollar or so, but soon realised that the comparison between the two, Rite Aid won hands down.
So now that bubs number 3 is here - and at 10 weeks old I am pleased to share with you I am again using your nursing pads. What I love currently about the box I've just purchased is not only an extra few pads but the fact they are joined together in pairs!!! What a brilliant idea!!! Whoever came up with this idea should be given a pay rise:) anything to make us mums lives a little easier is a winner in my book! Thank you for making such a great product!! You have a fan for life & I will recommend you to friends who are having babies.

T. Sarah, WA
I would like to congratulate Rite Aid on your fantastic nursing pads. They are the best on the market. You have thought of everything related to comfort and practicality. Soft, absorbent, great packaging (easy to open, protected whilst in handbag), well priced. Nice to see some genuine care and your ongoing improvements.

L. Feyryse, NSW
Having recently struggled with mastitis and an oversupply of milk, it is very important to me to find a brand of breast pads with a high absorbency and good protection against leakage. I have really found that in your breast pads. Due to the effectiveness of the product and affordable price compared to other brands, I have recommended the pads to my friends who need effective protection for the same reasons.

P. Katrina, WA
I would just like to send in and let you know how wonderful your Rite Aid products are especially the breast pads. I used them with my first son now I'm using them with the second and they are fantastic! I would not buy another brand and I recommend them to everyone! Thanks for the great product!

T. Johnston, QLD
Hi, I am just writing with a compliment for your Rite Aid Nursing Pads. I have used these Pads with 2 of my children and have never looked at another product again. They are so absorbent and reasonably priced...I recommend this product to anyone that is going to be breastfeeding. I think it's fantastic.

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