Mother & Baby Care

Having a baby is an exciting journey filled with discoveries and precious firsts. As you spend this time bonding with your baby and etching memories to treasure a lifetime, we are there to support you along the way with innovative solutions to care for you and your baby.

Rite Aid Nursing Pads

Providing you the peace of mind you need to carry on with your day, Rite Aid Nursing Pads have a unique moisture proof system that help to keep you comfortable and dry in between breastfeeding. The pads are discrete with an adhesive strip to secure pads in place as you move throughout the day. Available through IGA and Woolworths Supermarkets, Chemist Warehouse, as well as Big W, Babies R Us and Toys R Us stores.

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Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs

Discomfort and pain experienced during breastfeeding can detract from this amazing time of bonding with your baby. The Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs cool and soothe sore nipples, at the same time, creating the optimal environment for healing broken and inflamed skin. Breastfeeding mothers Australia wide have been using and recommending this product to aid discomfort and return to breastfeeding sooner. Available through Coles Supermarkets, Chemists Warehouse and Terry White Chemists, as well as Big W, Babies R Us and Toys R Us stores.

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What are Hydrogel Dressings?

Hydrogel dressings are water based treatments designed to provide a moist environment to accelerate the healing process. The dressings cool and soothe the wound area, at the same time, restoring moisture to the wound. Unlike traditional dressings, hydrogel dressings do not adhere to the wound, reducing the trauma to the skin when it is removed. When applied to a wound, the hydrogel creates a barrier around the wound to protect against bacteria and excessive fluid loss. The successful results from this innovative treatment have made it the ideal dressing for treating wounds such as burns, sores and pressure ulcers for over 20 years.




Rite Aid Hydrogel Nipple Serum

Soothe severely cracked nipples experienced during breastfeeding with Rite Aid Hydrogel Nipple Serum. Upon application, the serum helps to cool the skin, creating the ideal environment for healing and restoring your skin’s natural moisture so you can return to breastfeeding sooner. Non-toxic and safe to use while breastfeeding, apply the serum at the first signs of reddening or soreness.


Rite Aid Changing Mats

Finding a clean and hygienic spot for a nappy change may prove challenging when you are away from home. Rite Aid Changing Mats help to solve this problem, providing a clean cottony surface that folds easily into your change bag. With three layers of protection, the mats provide a waterproof barrier to prevent leaks, making them great for protecting mattresses as well.


Rite Aid Mini Digital Temple Touch Thermometer

The Rite Aid Mini Digital Touch Thermometer is a revolutionary non-invasive device that allows you to swiftly obtain accurate temperature readings from the temple within six seconds, eliminating the need for invasive contact. Based on innovative patented technology, the thermometer samples the heat flowing from the blood vessels on the skin's surface and translates this information into body temperature.  The fever alert lets you know as soon as a fever is recorded so you have the timely information you need to look after your child.




Rite Aid Stretch Marks Cream

Rite Aid Stretch Marks Cream assists with preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. The innovative formulation contains Regestril, tested and proven to assist with reducing the colour, width and length of stretch marks within 8 weeks of use. Rite Aid Stretch Marks Cream should be used during and after pregnancy to protect your skin and help to prevent stretch marks.


Rite Aid Organic Baby Safety Tips

Rite Aid Baby Safety Tips are ideal for cleaning your baby's outer ears, nose and eye area as well as naval. Its protective shape helps to limit entry into your baby's delicate ear and nasal canal while you clean. The tips are derived from 100% certified organic cotton along with a biodegradable paper stem.



Rite Aid Baby Konjac Sponge

Derived from the root of the konjac plant, Rite Aid Baby Konjac Sponge helps to gently
cleanse and naturally restore the pH level of the skin. Free of artificial colourings, preservatives, synthetics or additives, the sponge is ideal for cleaning delicate baby skin on its own or with your favourite liquid soap.