First Aid


Rite Aid First Aid Strips

Catering to a range of minor cuts and abrasions that occur around and out of the home, Rite Aid First Aid Strips help wounds to heal faster and protect against dirt and bacteria.

First Aid Strips for Burns

Designed to cool and soothe burns, the strips help to accelerate healing and protect against infection.

First Aid Strips for Children

Perfect for protecting cuts and grazes on your child, the strips fit comfortably on their smaller hands and legs. With fun designs to delight and distract from their discomfort, they may want to wear it even when they do not have a wound.

First Aid Strips for Blisters

Blisters need to be cushioned and protected to prevent the skin from breaking, making it at risk of infection. The foam design cushions the blister to minimise friction against the skin, allowing the blister to dry up in its own time.

Hydrogel First Aid Strips

Hydrogel dressings are water based treatments designed to provide a moist environment to accelerate the healing process. The dressings cool and soothe the wound area, at the same time, restoring moisture to the wound. When applied to a wound, the hydrogel creates a barrier around the wound to protect against bacteria and excessive fluid loss.


First Aid Kits

The compact Rite Aid First Aid Kits are convenient for treating minor cuts and burns that might happen in the home or outdoors. The compact kits are small enough to fit in bags and drawers for a convenient aid to minor accidents.